Escape Police Granny haunted house in this locked hunted mobile game.

Latest Version

Mar 10, 2023

Police Granny Officer V1.8 Mod GAME

In police officer granny mod v1.8, players find themselves trapped in the house of officer granny, the owner of the house who wants to keep them locked in. The police granny is known to be extremely vigilant and perceptive, so players must be quiet and cautious in their attempts to escape.

Police granny mod v1.7 offers a unique horror experience, with a variety of interesting game levels to keep players engaged.

Key features of police granny officer mod v1.8:
- High-quality, scary music
- Realistic graphics
- Fearful and tense atmosphere
- Horrifying storylines and scream sounds
- Challenging and interesting levels
- Latest version of police granny
- Best horror game of 2020

This latest version of police granny is the best horror game of 2023, making it a must-play for those seeking a thrilling and scary adventure.

Download and play police granny mod v1.8 now, if you want to challenge yourself and experience a truly frightening time. Good luck!
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