Crash for police cars in the autobahn vehicles.

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Mar 11, 2023
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Police Car Crash Simulation 3D GAME

Game Concept:
Police Car Collision is a car racing game that thrill-seekers and action enthusiasts can play on Android devices. In the game, you race as a police car driver to catch criminals on the streets while avoiding collisions with rival police cars and other obstacles.

Players choose a police car at the beginning of the game and start the race. During the race, players must maintain their speed and avoid collisions with police cars, other vehicles, and obstacles. You can also use turbo boosters to increase your speed and overtake other cars.

Game Objective:
The objective of the game is to win the race and achieve the highest score. You can also earn points by catching criminals. You earn points by overcoming obstacles and overtaking other cars.

Game Features:

Realistic graphics and sound effects
Multiple police car options
Different difficulty levels and race modes
Speed boost feature with turbo boosters
Opportunity to catch criminals and earn points
Police Car Collision is an action-packed racing game. It is a game that speed enthusiasts and those interested in police cars can enjoy playing. The game offers players a fun experience with realistic graphics, different difficulty levels, and race modes.
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