Task Planner with todolist , sticky notes , timestamp best task manager

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Mar 14, 2023

Poda - Digital Assistant APP

Name : Poda - Personal Organizer & Digital Assistant
SD : Task Planner with todolist , sticky notes , timestamp best task manager
LD :
Poda provides Todolist , Sticky Notes , timestamp(data stamping on photos) & Vault for secure photos

-Todolist (Task Planner)
use this effective and free task tracker and to do list task manager free to help you manage time and enjoy an easy life.

To-Do List - Schedule Planner & To Do List Task Manager is a free and easy online to-do list manager and schedule planner app which can be used to manage your time.

To do list task manager, as a todos productivity planner app, is dedicated to helping users track things to-do list, make daily planners free and provide important task reminders. Keep your life and work well organized. Come and have a try now.

??Calendar view
“To-Do List - Schedule Planner & To.Do.list Reminders ” provides a to-do list calendar perspective. Make it easier for users to have a general view of daily schedule planners, weekly/monthly tasks planners and future day planners.

- Sticky Notes

Poda's notes stay on top of all other apps, and allow you to quickly jot down notes for easy access from anywhere! Easily dock your stickie by dragging them to the left side of the screen. All stickies are auto-saved, and can be accessed through the app. Best Notes and reminder simlar Post it

Feature :
- Sticky notes free
- reminding notes
- Colourful notes
- customizeable notes
- Memocool

- Camera time stamp

You can use this is application for adds time, location to new photos. During taking photos you can easily add the time and location. Timestamp photos Is a user-friendly application with by getting accurate current time even a user changes the time and after taking a photo a time and location display on the image. The main purpose of this camera GPS to save records like sending borrowed items, private detective work, the photo stamp will work as evidence for any occasion. Also, when you are going to publish a photo on social media then it will give a reminder for friends and family members. People always manage and care for their time and want to keep remember the exact date and time of event happening in their life that people want memories the worth spent. Effectively add watermark to pictures and also add a caption for a photo with customize font size, color with image resolution. This photo location also contains different dates and time formats with the current address.
Camera time stamp: GPS timestamp camera for geolocation if you are attending or celebrating any special occasion, this feature will make it easy to share your current address and time on the image. display map, you can change the map scale, transparency, size, position Just turn on your map in your android phone for using GPS map location.
Main Features :
1. current location
2. Coordinates (Longitude Latitude)
3. GPS map for geolocation anywhere.
4. Easily add a date time stamp to the photos. Current time and date
5. Compass
6. Adjust Time stamp position
7. Current Address
8. Altitude
9. different dates and time format
10. Customize and support font size
11. Customize and support different font color
12. Customize multiple image resolution
13. Different Templates available for timestamp
14. Support save photos to SD card directly
15. Support portrait and landscape
16. Support battery saver mode and brightness
17. Front back camera with switch on/off
18. Amazing filter effects as well as beautifies photos.
19. Auto-add location address and GPS.
20. Directly share your photos on the social network.
21. Finally, a fully functional camera will print the date/time and location
22. Custom Location
23. Add Title/ Label/ signature

- Poda's Vault
Provide Photo vault that store photo stamping phots with pin and fingerprint security. Keep safe photos using this Photo locker, hide photos from gallery
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