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Mar 11, 2023
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Pişti GAME

Pişti is a very fast and enjoyable card game based on card counting and luck. There are two basic dynamics to reach the winning score in the game: Taking the accumulated cards and making it cooked. To collect the accumulated cards, you can either discard the same card as your opponent or you can use the "J" cards in your hand to collect the cards on the floor. To make Pişti, there must be no paper anywhere other than your opponent's single card. As the discarded cards accumulate, the point value of the middle deck increases. The value scoreboard is as follows:

Game Scoreboard:

♠♥♦♣A = 1 Point
♠♥♦♣J = 1 Point
♦10 = 3 Points
♣2 = 2 Points
Cooked = 10 Points
Cooked J = 25 Points
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