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May 30, 2023
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Pet me-Be a pet or owner APP

In Petme you can adopt a real person as your pet. And also you can pick a person as your owner. This is a brand new relationship in metaverse.

Are you looking for a relationship without pressure and fakeness? Then Petme is your best choice. You may need someone to take care of, which would offer you the feeling of being relied upon. Or maybe you are looking forward to being loved without additional condition. No matter what you want, at here, you will find your ideal role.

Just choose your role. Like if you wanna be an owner, you can be a worker or boss as you like. Or a cat or dog is what you prefer to be, just select the cute role and have fun!

Petme has features making it easy to interact and chat with your pet or owner. As a owner, you can pet your cat to show your love. As a pet, you can act cute to tell your miss.

It’s also easy to find your pet or owner, just tap the search button, then voila, it’s there! And you can also find some nearby, so fantastic right? So no waiting, just join the Petme and make your day!

And it's possible to find a date here, just treat your partner well and develop good relationship!
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