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Jul 31, 2017
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PDF Scanner With OCR APP

PDF Scanner With OCR is an excellent app for creating PDF documents from any of your print documents by simply taking a photo of it. Basically it lets you digitize any physical document in a matter of seconds. In addition, although all the photos are automatically saved as PDFs, you also have the option of saving them in BMP, PNG, or JPEG format.

The way PDF Scanner With OCR works is very simple: find whatever you want to digitize, take a photo of it, adjust the area you wish to digitize by zooming in on the most important part; then select your preferred type of scan: higher or lower contrast, black and white, color, or directly maintaining the quality of the photo. What's more, PDF Scanner with OCR offers a very interesting feature in the form of a text recognition system to help you detect words on photographed text.

PDF Scanner With OCR is a wonderful app for scanning physical documents and storing them digitally on your Android device. Plus it's got loads of options when it comes to sharing your new PDF document.
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