Go on an object hunt with an otter widget pet. Collect the kawaii animal family

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Sep 06, 2023

Otter Ocean GAME

"Hello!!" *kawaii otter noises*🦦

🦦Collect the cute otter family🦦
Are otter’s just the oceans’ hamsters? They’re playful, fuzzy, and fit in the palm of your hand (at least in this kawaii game app!). Go on a scavenger hunt to find more members of the cute tamagotchi kawaii otter family. If you like cute animal games with a treasure hunt where you can train your widget pet friends animals - Otter Ocean object hunt is just for you.

🏝️Make their oasis a paradise🏝️
Relax in an ocean oasis with your cute, kawaii otter friends, and become an OTTER-worldly object hunt explorer of the ocean’s mysteries from the beach to OTTER-space! This is one of the kawaii games with tamagotchi animals you have to try!

👑Find treasures - it's kawaii adventure time👑
Otter Ocean is an object hunt, where you collect adorable kawaii otters as tamagotchi pet friends animals by going on a treasure hunt. Feed and train them to become master divers! Otter Ocean is one of the kawaii games & cute animal games you should try! A real widget pet paradise.

🌊Go on a scavenger hunt in the ocean🌊
Come back every day for your object hunt adventure time with your otter family! Collect tasty foods and shiny pearls gathered by your otter friends, and continue discovering new otters and new worlds your otters can explore! Relaxing games & kawaii games are amazing when there are cute tamagotchi pet animals waiting for you every day.

🙇Join a community of millions🙇
Join our tamagotchi pet paradise community and millions of players around the world who love cute animal games with an element of scavenger hunt. Play with your friends and have your adventure time together. Kawaii games lovers & cute animal games - don't miss out to try our scavenger hunt!

Your otter loves going on object hunt adventures in the ocean with you! Come back every day and play with it.


- If you are a fan of kawaii games come and collect cute otter family.
- Go on a scavenger hunt with all of your otter widget pet animals - a real pet friends paradise.
- Pet, feed and train your cuddly, furry (and hungry!) otter friends for a new object hunt.
- Just like the little tamagotchi animals, you will have to take care of your otter.
- Watch as they dive on a scavenger hunt to rescue mystery treasures with cute animations.
- Discover the secrets of the deep ocean by going on a treasure hunt, and complete the collection of underwater artifacts.
- Clean the ocean and restore life to the coral reefs. For all ocean games lovers!
- New content is added every week. This is one of the cute kawaii games & cute animal games with widget pet animals!
- Special events let you earn exclusive tamagotchi otters and prizes during your adventure time.

Are you enjoying Otter Ocean pet friends paradise object hunt? Don’t forget to join our community of kawaii games and ocean games lovers!

Let's go on a treasure hunt together! 🦦

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