Have fun guessing the characters in Oshi no ko! 🌟

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Nov 13, 2023

Oshi No Ko Guessing game GAME

Welcome to the amazing quiz app from Oshi no Ko! Enjoy more than 30 exciting levels where you have to guess the names of the characters and answer interesting details from the storyline. Challenge your knowledge and show that you are the number one expert of this fantastic manga!
With a friendly and visually appealing interface, this app provides a dynamic and entertaining experience.

Each level presents a picture of a character, and your mission is to find their name as quickly as possible. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to answer questions related to the storyline and test your knowledge of this amazing story.

But that's not all, the fun never ends! Our app is updated regularly to provide new levels and challenges. You will always have something new to discover and show, stay engaged and stimulate your mind with the opportunity to become a true specialist of Oshi no Ko.

Download this application now and show that you are the best fan of Oshi no Ko. Enjoy the thrill of guessing names and answering questions about your favorite characters while being immersed in an engaging storyline. Let your passion for manga live in this exciting virtual world! We are waiting for you to start this adventure together!
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