Gesture-oriented step sequencer. Make unique loops, melodies and songs!

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Aug 31, 2016

Oscilab - Groovebox APP

Amazing groovebox that gives you an hypnotising music-making experience. It's an innovative step sequencer that lets you make unique loops and melodies shapping waves. You don't have to be musical to get up and running - just randomly pinch and swipe away until something catches your ear, but also there are plenty of advanced synthesis features here too for the savvy musician.

The app is easy to pick up, it is fun to sketch out ideas, has low latency and is actually usable compared to 98% of the other audio apps for Android. You can play for hours but also produce high quality tracks of any music style within minutes. Be the DJ at your own party, leave Pandora for the noobs!

Features in the free version:
• 28 wave shapers: control FREQUENCY, Filter CUTOFF, AMP and PAN of 3 devices.
• 3 Channel mixer, with 2 FX channels.
• Live Mode: 3 pads to tweak the frequency and cutoff of the generated patterns in real time.
• 8 high quality sampled instruments.
• Drum Machine with 3 high quality drumkits.
• Analog Synth
• Global harmonic control: change all the arpeggiators tune settings from a single place.
• Analog Synth with two oscillators, featuring ring modulation, frequency modulation and ADSR control.

Additional features available in the full version:
• 2 additional synths + 1 drum channel
• 32 sample banks
• 12 drumkits
• MIDI-output support: control other apps and devices, mapping individual channels to different destinations. Use waves to control notes, velocity and custom CC messages. (Android 6.0 or later required)
• Record and upload your mixdowns to SoundCloud, Dropbox, Bandcamp or other installed apps like DAWs, Grooveboxs, Pocketband, Caustic, 4-track apps other audio trackers.

The Internet permissions are only required to download the samples pack into the app.
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