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Sep 20, 2023
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OneSoil Scouting APP

OneSoil is a free agriculture app to remotely observe your crop development, monitor the weather, and add notes. In the web version, you can also view files from machinery and calculate seed and fertilizer rates for agriculture needs.

Farmers, agronomists, agricultural consultants, equipment operators, and any other agricultural specialist can make smart farming easier with the OneSoil app.

How OneSoil helps

Field scouting
Track plant development, spot problem areas in fields, and evaluate fieldwork. The OneSoil app uses satellite imagery to calculate NDVI, an indicator of plant health.

Weather in fields
Check the weather in your fields to better plan fieldwork.

OneSoil provides a 5-day weather forecast, real-time precipitation map, and our spray time recommendations.

Crop rotation tool
Manage crop rotation and plan future seasons all in the same chart.

The OneSoil web version channels its precision farming tools to analyze data from previous seasons and automatically suggest crops for the next season.

Field condition notes
Make notes as you do crop scouting in fields (for example, if you find weeds or waterlogging), attach photos, and share coordinates with your colleagues for collective crop monitoring efforts.

Offline access
View NDVI for the last six months, make notes, and edit field information even when you're offline.

The app will securely store all your data and synchronize it as soon as you're back online.

Web version with advanced features
Get the most out of the OneSoil agronomy apps by using both the mobile and web versions.

The free web version will help you master precision farming. You can view files from machinery, make accumulated precipitation and growing degree-day charts for each field to get a picture of crop health, and create and download prescription maps for variable-rate seed or fertilizer application.

Questions or ideas on how to improve the app? Contact us at [email protected] or via our online chat (the blue button in your account settings).
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