Have a nice chasing in the backrooms with obunga the nico s nextbot

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Mar 15, 2023

Obunga Chase : Nicos Nextbot GAME

Have you ever met Obunga ? If not, let's play the game Obunga Chase the Nicos Nextbot Chase Escape to escape him.
What are you going to do in the escape game on Nextbots when Obunga is mad and tries to catch up with you? Are you going to be able to get away. See if you can avoid the scary Obunga Nico's chase in the game nextbots. Let your imagination go wild while playing scary games in a dark room or a yellow room on a spooky adventure into the backrooms mod.

You will face a smart staring character following you, The creepy video game Obunga: Nextbot follows you around the backrooms as it pursues you. To get away from Nextbot and extend your life, run and jump. Because we can run but not hide from Nicos obunga at all, you are not secure from the horror of the obunga chasing game nextbots.
You have to escape from Obunga in this chase nextboots horror backrooms hunt with large areas that you can play with buddies while using a custom mod. You may look around and experience the intense pure nightmare while fleeing from Obunga.

Nextbot is what will haunt you. Run from the trends in the worst place in the Backrooms. The scariest and most challenging account awaits you ahead. What will haunt you is Nextbot. Avoid the movements in the Backrooms at all costs. You are about to encounter the most demanding and scary nicos bot .Nextbots are pursuing each other in the backrooms Gmod of Obunga. It contains a scenarios, nice graphics, and updated audio.

Explore the Backrooms, but be careful, because at every step there could be someone waiting for you .
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