To your smartphone is consultation ticket! Always patient registration card of the dental clinic of use is now in the electronic patient registration card!

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Aug 03, 2023
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myDental APP

Turn your smartphone into a medical examination ticket!

The medical examination ticket of the dental clinic you always use is now an electronic medical examination ticket!
Easy registration with a simple passcode.
You will also be able to be notified of the appointment date and time by push notification, and you will also be able to receive notifications from the dental clinic.
Instead of giving a medical examination ticket, you can read the QR code to check in at the hospital.

■ Points of this application
1. 1. Patient registration card
You can use this app as a medical examination ticket at your dentist's office.
You can also register a medical examination ticket for your family.
You can accept visits to the dental clinic from this app.

2. Show reservation status
For those who have made multiple reservations or who have registered a medical examination ticket for their family, it is not necessary to check each medical examination ticket.
The next reservation can be seen in the list just by tapping "Reservation status".

3. 3. Advance notice of reservation date and time
When the reservation date and time approaches, we will send you a push notification.

4. Register your next reservation in cooperation with the calendar app
By linking with the calendar app, the next reservation will be registered in the calendar, so you can check it together with other schedules.
In addition, the remind notification of the calendar app will prevent you from forgetting to make a reservation.

5. Communication with the dental clinic
You can make phone calls and receive notifications from the dental clinic from this app.

6. You can check the past tooth condition in the tooth record (* Only for some clinics)
You can share your own photos and videos to the dentist's office, or the dentist's office can share X-rays and oral photos.
You can check the condition of your teeth from the past to the present. By sharing not only the condition of teeth but also the contents of meals, how to eat, posture, sleeping phase, etc. to the dental clinic
It will be easier to communicate during treatment.
Please use it as a personal health management app.

■ About available dental clinics
This application can be used at clinics where "Genie for Dental Clinic" of Dentalite Co., Ltd. is installed.
Please check with your doctor about the installation status of the above system.

* QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.
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