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Aug 07, 2023
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We will deliver content on how to use registered products at any time.
You can browse the instruction manual and chat consultation smoothly at your fingertips.
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After purchasing a Sony product, if you register for support (product registration), you will receive timely information on how to use your product and update information*. Whether you're looking for a new product, looking up information on the Sony Store, or having trouble using the product, you can quickly find useful information.
■ Delivering information to make full use of the product at your fingertips
Immediately after purchase, we will deliver a feature article on the basic usage of the purchased product and recommended usage methods. We also provide timely product updates. *
■We can look for thing to want to know anytime anywhere at hand!
For example, if you are unsure of how to set up your camera while traveling, you can quickly find a solution with the instruction manual (web version). You can also search by word, so you can quickly find the information you are looking for.
■Consult about products on LINE or chat!
You can feel free to consult with LINE or chat from the "Consult about products" button.
■ Easy repair application with the app
If the product is registered for support, you can apply for repair directly on the app.
*For some products such as Xperia and PlayStation, please contact the dedicated contact.
* Products purchased outside the Sony store require support registration and purchase information registration.
■ Product registration is easy and hassle-free!
Registration is completed simply by reading the barcode on the product package with your smartphone. We will send you information about your products.
■ New products, feature articles, campaign information, and the latest Sony information all in one app
For example, we will deliver various information about Sony such as α events and BRAVIA campaigns at any time. You can narrow down by product category and browse only your favorite product information.

■ Summarize all your shopping information in the app!
With this single app, you can centrally manage your Sony Store purchase history and information necessary for future shopping.
・Sony store purchase history ・Possessed Sony points ・Possessed coupons ・Possessed shopping coupons
・Check-in code ・Sony Store directly managed store event application confirmation, etc.
*Some products only
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