Upgrade your production, unlock working building to make your business grow.

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Nov 10, 2023

My Family Town : City Office GAME

My Family Town : City Office

Its time to start-up Office in my family town. Have you ever experienced a job? If not than this office game is for you to
achieve your goals and enjoy. Turn this start-up into a best cash empire company. Start employing workers and bring them
a work to do, documents to process, arrange work meetings, collect the paper work and make your business work grow.

Hire a fully trained staff, Give your staff a work to do, upgrade your production and give them appreciation as they finish
the task. Create your fun city office adventure and enjoy your work alot. Upgrade your production as soon as possible,
unlock new office building to make your business grow. Grow alot of team work in my town city office family town.

You can act as a manager or as a employee choice is all yours. As a employee you have to work hard as you can so you can
enjoy promotion of my family city office. If you want to act as a manager, you have to manage all the things. Tell the
staff to what to do, hiring a new staff, arrange refreshment for your employees and you must have to arrrange office lunch.

Always appreciate your workers, boost their productivity and never let them sleep. ALot of enjoyments is waiting for you
to get experienced. Learn to start running up my city life office and grow your business with a big empire. As you grow,
you will always transform your company and enjoy alot.

Many refreshments for your staff and boss are arranged in this office game. Running, Jumping, weight lifting, table tennis,
football, basket ball, cricket and much more. A grand buffet dinner is arranged for employess appreciation.
After a hard day of work at office, take a shower, prepare a nice dinner or simply put your feet up to watch a movie.

Features of the game...
*More than 8 locations to work and explore
*Boss room has a different vibe
*A variety of job to act as boss or employee
*Office has alot of secrets to unlock
*Hidden gifts everywhere
*Working place with alot of refreshments
*Just like a real office
*Experience the locations and enjoy.
*Stress-free game, Extremely high playability.

This My Family Town Office Life offers endless opportunities to create your own stories.
Enjoy My Family Town Office Life for kids and create multiple stories.
Our games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.
We cared about security of your kids.
A lot of free games in my city family town are waiting for your love and activities.

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We will be happy to hear some feedback from you!
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