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Oct 10, 2023
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MOMOX YOUR PLACE! The most beautiful, easiest and most sustainable way to give your things a new home - sell them now with momox.

Grab the books, games, movies, and other media you want to sell and get started: on your marks, scan, sell! It has never been easier than with the free momox app! 📗🎮💿

How does selling work at momox?
1. Scan the barcode of the book or media item. 📱
2. You will immediately find out the fixed purchase price.
3. Add your items to the sales basket. 🛒
4. Confirm the sale & put your things in one package!
5. With the free shipping label or QR code, you can even conveniently have the package picked up from home. 📦
6. That's it for you - from now on we take over! After the quality check, momox transfers the sales proceeds quickly and securely to your account!

Why momox?
• Sell used books quickly and easily
• Sell conveniently at a fixed price
• Free shipping
• Fast & secure payout

What are the advantages of the momox app?
• Even faster sales with the barcode and ISBN scanner
• IBAN scanner to capture account information quickly
• Push notifications for regular promotions
• Easy shipping: QR code directly in the customer account

For more sustainability, for the environment 📚🌍
With momox you simply act sustainably. Sort out used books that you no longer need and give them a second life in a new home. This saves valuable resources! With every sale at momox, you automatically make a contribution to a more sustainable planet.

What happens to the things you sell on momox?
We sell all items that we buy through momox through our second-hand online shop All items are carefully checked beforehand by our quality management and then go directly to the shop in search of a new home. Become part of our re-commerce community now!

What used items can I sell at momox? 📦 📚 📱
Books, CDs, DVDs & Blu-Rays are unused in your closet? Time to clear out - with the momox app! Whether you sell children's books, used textbooks or school books, go through the stack of thrillers on the bedside table or simply want to update your gaming collection - at momox you sell used CDs, DVDs, books or games. Grab your Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch & Wii games and let's go! By the way, if you want to sell clothes, you will find what you are looking for in the momox clothing app!

The fastest way to a new home
Selling your DVD collection & other media is child's play with momox! Annoying photography and writing texts are a thing of the past. High auction fees and annoying trading & in the end you can't get rid of the stuff on classifieds or facebook marketplace. Nobody needs that. With momox, the entire process is eliminated and your money is in your account quickly. It's that easy.

Note on pricing:
Wondering how momox sets prices? We do this fully automatically using a complex algorithm. This calculates the current purchase prices based on the current demand, the momox stocks and the prices of the competition. Costs such as logistics, shipping and personnel costs are also taken into account.

Do you like the app? Then rate us here in the App Store. Questions and feedback on your sale are welcome to write to
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