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Nov 30, 2023
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mObywatel APP

mObywatel is an application of the Ministry of Digital Affairs. With it, you can now safely, quickly and conveniently use digital documents and handle your official matters on-line in Poland.

  With mObywatel you can:

- use digital documents such as: mDowód, mPrawo jazdy (including Temporary electronic driving license), ID cards (e.g. school, student's, pensioner’s id cards), Large Family Card, Diia.pl and more,
- you can accomplish your tasks from anywhere, e.g. submitting applications, processing e-prescriptions, paying taxes,
- view info useful for drivers, such as: your vehicles details, penalty points, tickets, and info on cars you want to buy,
- report environmental violations, e.g. illegal garbage dumps,
- make sure that the bus or coach you are about to take has valid inspections and third party liability insurance,
- check the air quality in your area,
- confirm your data in the Central Voters Register and your voting location in the upcoming elections,
- display train tickets for control in the Bilkom service,
- find useful information when travelling abroad,
- use of the Union COVID Certificate confirming the vaccination history.

Download the app and make it simpler!

For more info, go to info.mobywatel.gov.pl and the Bulletin of Public Information.

Accessibility statement www.gov.pl/mobywatel-w-aplikacji/deklaracja

Technical Support +48 42 253 54 74 (working days from 7:00 a.m. Until 6:00 p.m.), mobywatel-pomoc@coi.gov.pl

Developer: Centre for Information Technology (Centralny Ośrodek Informatyki) www.coi.gov.pl
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