Read and write sheet music, midi, tablatures, drums scores, musical instruments.

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Aug 21, 2016
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Midi instruments lite Composer APP

Read and write sheet music, turn midi files into editable sheet music, convert midi files into guitar tabs, create guitar tablatures with a virtual guitar, get the total control over each track in a midi file, with the volume, pan, midi chanel, track name.
Some virtual musical instruments included:
piano, guitar, change the guitar tuning to get other tunings like bass tuning, violin tuning, virtual recorder incorporated, virtual saxophone, virtual trumpet, chromatic harmonic.
Create drums scores with all percusion instruments
Karaoke incorporated, write the lyrics of your song in any track, and see your lirycs like a karaoke.
Create piano pieces with the correct finger position.
Save sheet music as image, ringtone, midi file, project.
Change configurations to show notes over the piano, guitar or inside sheet music.
Add vibrato, bends, grupeto, tuplets, staccato, ligature and more effects to your scores.
Ideal for composers
Zoom in, Zoom out to scores.
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