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Dec 01, 2023
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Math For Kids:Math King Battle GAME

[Math For Kids] is a mathematical enlightenment game that develops baby's logical thinking and space concept. Through color, graphics, time, orientation, numbers, digital, addition and subtraction, logical thinking, etc., you can comprehensively cultivate your baby's thinking expansion ability, so that children can improve mathematical thinking in the process of exploring and games, and cultivate mathematical ability.

[Math For Kids] Through a fun question and answer game mode to stimulate children's interest in knowledge, the problem is from shallow to deep, from easy to difficult, let children think about thinking in the process of answering questions, cultivate the baby's logical thinking ability, interesting and interesting and interesting, interesting and interesting Puzzle!
Children, what are you waiting for? Come and challenge the strongest king of mathematics!

Children's mathematics games have the following characteristics:
【Fun Breakthrough】
In the immersive breakthrough answer, the game has a total of 27 levels. Each level has 10 and more interesting knowledge questions and answers. Children need to answer all mathematical questions to go through the level to enter the next level! Answer the right question can be successfully defeated by the monster, so fun to stop!
【Equipment Incentives】
There are surprises in answering questions, so that the baby is full of fighting spirit and stimulate children's interest in exploring research! You can get a piece of equipment every time you go through the customs clearance to win more equipment rewards for your mathematics knight! Create the strongest math king to wear ~
【Get habit development】
Combining interesting graphics and vivid dubbing, let children spontaneously explore, observe, think, and analyze, scientifically and effectively improve children's logical thinking ability and ability to solve problems independently;
[Comprehensive thinking expansion]
In -depth mining and matching cognitive characteristics at all ages, and conduct different degrees of thinking training;
Including but not limited to the cultivation of mathematical ability such as numbers, graphics, color, time, orientation, quantity, three -dimensional graphics, addition and subtraction methods, regular reasoning, etc.

Mathematical ability is one of the core abilities of children, and mathematics thinking is the foundation of cultivating mathematical ability. Scientific contact with mathematics knowledge, improving mathematical thinking, and cultivating mathematical ability will bring a positive role in promoting children's future study, scientific research or employment. "Math For Kids" brings children science and mathematics learning methods, fun mathematics learning experience, active mathematics learning motivation, consolidating children's mathematical knowledge, enhancing children's mathematical thinking, step by step, step by step!
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