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Sep 23, 2022
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Master of legend war: Epic RPG GAME

An ancient evil is back in this world! Vampires, orcs, zombies and werewolves are trying to destroy all life on earth, it is in your power to resist them!
In this epic RPG, you can form your own units based on the unique abilities of each pawn. Level up your character to increase the power of your epic army and face more formidable enemies. Get epic equipment that will strengthen and protect your army of your hero. Create powerful magic that can turn the tide of battle. Find chests with gold as useful loot.

Take your squads to the arena to fight the sinister enemy. Each battle will be a unique test of your tactical skills. A simple and clear management of pawns in battle will help you enjoy the game. Use magic in the arena wisely, because it can both help you and hinder your victory. Each pawn in battle is unique in its characteristics and abilities, for example, an assassin does more damage than a zombie, but he also has an order of magnitude less health. An assassin's ability to deal double damage will be just as useful as a dwarf's ability to completely block damage. The priest will heal your pawns, and the viking will counterattack on the enemy who attacked him.

Game Features:
- Offline battles without internet connection
- Simple control of the hero and pawns in the arena
- Unique combat tactics through a combination of three squads of pawns
- Craft including legendary items
- Nice graphics will allow you to immerse yourself in a fantasy RPG world
- Epic arena battles

Dive into the fantasy world of an offline RPG with a unique combat system
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