Be the Manager of the Miga Town House And Snack

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Mar 10, 2023
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Manager Miga Town House GAME

Miga Town House
Welcome to Miga Town House

What is Miga Town House ?

Miga Town House is a simulation game. You are the hero cat In Miga Town House , you must find the way to manage to all the orders in Miga Town House to win. Find the best managers , the best waiter for a good management .

How to play in Miga Town House

1: write orders from the customers.
Cat takes orders first.

2: Give it to the cook.
After giving the orders to the cook a fantastic animal restaurant that can cook any food
from soup, coffee, lemonade, hotdogs, hamburgers, pizzas and so much more!

3: Customers will enjoy your amazing cuisine.
Once they are satisfied, they will leave you some tips!

4: Expand the restaurant.
Start with a small cat Bar Snack, then expand to an animal restaurant!
Show us your great management skills!

Become a restaurant tycoon, hire chefs, sell food and build the biggest restaurant empire in this restaurant simulator. You can become a millionaire by managing a restaurant.
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