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Aug 03, 2016
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Make Look Good - Widget Themes APP

UPDATE 1: No more crippled themes - MLG now comes with TWO FULL THEMES for free!
UPDATE 2: Sale until end of March 2013 - buy any theme for just US$0.99!

When you're ready for some serious style right on your homescreen, our MLG Widget Themes are waiting right here for you!

Instantly change from one theme to another from within the application. More themes can be viewed and purchased in the application or through Android Market.

All widgets are professionally designed and go way beyond the flip-clock clones out there.

Download now to try out the free Gotham and Deluxe themes and browse the available premium themes.


+ Transform the look and feel of your phone in an instant
+ Discover, download and apply fresh widget themes with ease
+ Set widget theme and matching wallpaper at the same time
+ Each theme is truly unique and contains analog and/or digital clocks, toggle widgets and a weather forecast widget plus a beautiful homescreen background
+ Weather data from internationally acclaimed weather service with over 7 million local forecasts available
+ Customize MLG to fit your daily life with many settings for time and weather
+ No special launcher or home replacement required, just install and start adding good looking widgets to your homescreen
+ Wallpaper browser - set any wallpaper you've downloaded directly from the homescreen by long-pressing

All themes contain high definition widgets and a matching wallpaper.


+ MLG Clock (4x2)
+ MLG Small Clock (4x1)
+ MLG Weather Forecast (4x1)
+ MLG Flight Mode toggle (1x1)
+ MLG Wi-Fi toggle (1x1)
+ MLG Brightness toggle (1x1)
+ MLG Bluetooth toggle (1x1)
+ MLG GPS toggle (1x1)
+ MLG Silent toggle (1x1)
+ MLG Vibrate toggle (1x1)
+ MLG Wi-Fi Hotspot toggle (1x1)
+ MLG USB Tethering toggle (1x1)
+ MLG Auto-Rotate toggle (1x1)
+ More beautiful widgets and fancy themes added soon

Visit our webpage for more information and support. Send an e-mail to [email protected], we will answer within 24 hours weekdays.

About permissions:
Because MLG makes it easy to change settings on your phone through toggle widgets, many permissions are needed (internet, location, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc). We know many users are concerned about the amount of permissions needed, but there is no way of toggling e.g. Wi-Fi without Wi-Fi permission.

About free/premium themes:
We have put considerable effort into producing quality widgets and backgrounds. If you would like us to keep adding themes, please consider buying one or more of our premium themes.

We support our good looking widgets 100%
We provide regular FREE updates with new features, new widgets and bug fixes.

Feedback and issue reports from our users, as this makes our application better. Please consider giving Make Look Good a 5-star rating if you like it and please report all issues to [email protected]!

Describe how the problem can be reproduced and if you can, include your handset model, the Android version you're running and a screenshot highlighting the issue. Thanks!

We've just opened up MLG and added another great looking FREE theme. Right now we are producing new themes and widgets, so please drop us an e-mail if you have a suggestion or an idea for a cool theme!
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