Lyric Genius a superior music player for Android devices and songwriters.

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Apr 14, 2021
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Lyric Genius is a unique and superior app for musical exploration. It empowers music lovers, next generation songwriters, and musicians with the ability to create a unique body of artistic work that can be used to produce an album on a mobile device. Users are able to download instrumentals for tracks, songs, and custom beats through its integration with SoundCloud. Songwriters and musicians can also easily add custom or existing tracks and import lyrics through their computer or insert them using their mobile device. Once lyrics are provided they can be tagged in order to display the lyrics at any given point during the song. This feature allows both music lovers and artists to master songs through Karaoke style musical performances without the use of an LRC file. Furthermore, the app’s sharing capabilities via email and SMS messages allow for lyric sharing thus facilitating group practices and rehearsal. Features such as lyric display and visual customization through the ability to add your own background image and change screen colors allows you to personalize the app and make it uniquely yours.

- Free music download, see developer website or support page.
- Synced tagged lyrics are available for Karaoke style entertainment or rehearsals.
- Mark tracks as favorite or create custom projects.
- Load lyrics from your computer.
- Share your lyrics through e-mail or SMS.
- Modify skin colors or load a custom image.
- Supports instrumental downloads from SoundCloud for music exploration.
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