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Mar 11, 2021

Loopstation Recorder APP

- Loopstation with Pads
- Loop your beat and record your full track (rap, sing) on it.
- Share loops and song with friends

***INFO: If app crashes at STARTUP, delete /sdcard/AudioRecorder/tmp/tmp_loop.txt ... Sorry for the inconvenience***

Now you can record a song(up to 2 minutes) on your loop composition and share it with friends!

Use headphones or lower volume for best results!

How it works?
1. The first recording sets the loop length, each button works as a layer. You can mute loops by clicking.
2. A "song"-button appears. If you have a great loops, just use the "song"-button, to record a full song.
3. You can share it with friends.

It is just like a loop pedal, but with pads instead of pedals ;)

You have an additional MPC mode for trying out flows with your sounds. To record a beatbox sound on a pad, click on a pad and the record will start with a threshold, in order to catch your noise with a good attack. You can add a reverb-effect on the recorded sounds, save them, create presets and share them with your friends.

Have fun with an amazing mobile beatbox experience, as I had making it.
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