LoopStack is the ultimate Android looper.

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Jun 10, 2015

LoopStack APP

LoopStack is the ultimate Android looper.


- 4 independent recordable tracks.
- Combine tracks via drag and drop.
- High quality 44KHz 16bit recording and processing.
- Control volume and reverb effect per-track.
- Automatic latency calibration.
- Built-in metronome.
- Maximum loop time: 32 seconds
- Export mixdown + raw tracks to WAV (unlock key required)

See video below for a demo. It's VERY important to use headphones to keep the recordings clean and stop the app from re-recording itself.

The app will start in trial mode and has the following limitations:

- Loop will reset after 5 minutes.
- Save/Load/Export are disabled.

You can purchase the LoopStack Unlock Key (sold separate) to remove the trial limitations.


This is the first release of LoopStack so if you experience any problems with recording or playback, please write me at the developer email below and we'll work it out.


Storage: LoopStack stores all projects and exported files on your SDcard.
Record Audio: This one should be obvious.
Wake Lock: The app will prevent your device from sleeping when running to avoid audio cutting out if you're jamming along.


Graphics by Alex Cue.

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