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Oct 23, 2018
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it's always a good idea to have a shopping list in hand when you head to the supermarket so you don't end up dropping a bunch of things you don't need into your cart. Hence the existence of apps like ListaCompraFree that let you list everything you need on your smartphone.

ListaCompraFree has an interface that makes using the app very simple. All your shopping lists are arranged by month. This helps you keep track of your grocery expenses each month.

ListaCompraFree lets you add products by category and even include their actual price. Another useful thing about this feature is that you can see which products you buy most often and what you spend the most money on.

If you want to manage your shopping lists better without forgetting anything you need at home while you're at the shop, ListaCompraFree offers a practical solution that includes everything you should need for the task.
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