Classical Spanish and Electric guitar lessons and classes to learn to play it!

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Jul 03, 2020

Learn basic Guitar Lessons 202 APP

Do you want to learn to play the Spanish Guitar? Are you seeking easy and basic electric guitar classes?
Improve your Spanish guitar skills is easy!! The classical guitar is art! Do you want to receive our free guitar classes?

With Learn basic Guitar Lessons you will have the best Android app (4.0 +) to learn how to play the Classical guitar and electric guitar. Step by step video tutorials... what are you waiting to buy your classic guitar?

We will help you tu increase your playing classic guitar skills with our free guitar courses. Don't hesitate about your level. We have basic classes for beginners. The most basic concepts... You will learn step by step chords. Do it yourself (DIY)! You only have to watch our firsts guitar lessons and you will play radio hits lyrics. Although you will play oldies with your electrical guitar from the 70s 80s and 90s.

You can find tutorials and lessons about:
- Basic and firsts guitar lessons.
- Spanish guitar and popular music hits.
- Step by steps tutorials to learn to play the Classic guitar.
- Electric Guitar Classes for beginners.
- How to tune up the classical guitar.
- Classic Guitar courses in English.
- Free Spanish guitar classes.
... and much other classes, courses and lessons. All of them are free! Best 2020 video tutorials.

The main features of this app that will let you know how to play the electric guitar are:
- With our sliding menu you will find thousands videos. Enjoy a good design and an intuitive interface.
- Listen and watch the best classical guitar tutorials.
- Share the courses with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google+.
- The app will be updated frequently to find the most recent lessons.

You are going to find video tutorials to play all kind of musical genres (Pop, Rock, Reggae, Classical, pop-rock, flamenco, ...) and all the ages (70s 80s 90s music).

You will be a electric guitar genius... and will feel like a rockstar!!

Learn basic Guitar Lessons don't have the intelectual property of the included videos. All of them are public and hosted on Youtube.
You can not download the tutorials.
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