Simple live wallpaper resembling the start screen of Mass Effect 3 (EA, Bioware)

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Mar 07, 2012

Layered: Mass Effect 3 APP

FIX BLACK SCREEN BUG: When having a black background try what user Gaëtan tried! "To make it work on GSII set another animated wallpaper then select the ME3 wallpaper." Thanks!

Layered Live Wallpaper of Mass Effect 3 made by Wayoo for Free for the fans of the Mass Effect Franchise.

-Layered Live Wallpaper. Effect visible when moving to through home screens.
-No animation used, avoiding a heavy work on the cpu. Live Wallpaper doesn't need to re-draw when not moving the home screen. Only updates when scrolling which IMPROVES battery performance compared to animated live wallpapers.

BUG: We understand that some Samsung Galaxy S/S II Are having trouble with the wallpaper. We are working on it! Check back in 5 - 7 days!
NOTE: Some smartphones have their own LAUNCHER and live wallpaper might NOT behave properly due to their different functioning!

Graphic work by Asdrubal Leon ([email protected])
Optimization for tablets may be coming soon. No ETA yet!

-We do NOT own anything related to Mass Effect.
-This is completely unofficial, and created for fans.
-We are NOT affiliated with the creators of this game and art in any way.
-Logos, graphics, title, and everything related is trademarked/copyrighted by BioWare, Electronic Arts, and/or any other partner related to this franchise. NOT us!
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