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Aug 16, 2017
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Launcher X is an elegant replacement of your stock home screen which mainly focuses on being an All in One Launcher so that all the customisation & features of your favourite launcher(s) come under one roof without compromising smoothness and memory! A next gen launcher which eases your experience with great user interface & through unlimited customisation,your only limit is your imagination.

•Unlimited Customisation. customise each & every part of your home screen,from app icon size to grid & sub-grid sizing.all this with stock android launcher essence intact as launcher X is developed upon AOSP Launcher 3.

•Introducing Swipes! swipes are a great way for app or widget shortcuts. with just a swipe up/down of desktop & dock apps, you can go to any app,shortcuts,launcher actions and widgets.widget swipe is indicated as a rectangle where as apps,shortcuts,launcher actions are indicated as a triangle.

•Color Extraction. with color extraction ability of launcher X (thanks to google’s color extraction api) persistent search bar, status bar, app drawer, sidebar, folder background will be coloured based on your wallpaper. it does not stop there! you can choose vibrant,muted,light muted,dark vibrant,dark muted variants of the color or you can just select any color you want for your layout from color picker.

•Scroll Effects. Tens of great scroll effects for desktop and app drawer pages.

•Swipe back to desktop just like Google Now Launcher. Swipe right from left most desktop page to any app you want and then you can swipe back to desktop as seamlessly as google now launcher .thanks to touch listener. pro here is, you can swipe to any app, not just google now.

•Group and Hide apps. Avoid messy app drawer by creating app drawer folders or by creating extra drawer tabs as you’d like to group your apps. Or hide them completely.

•Gestures. Pinch, Swipe, Two finger swipe, rotate, double tap.

•Unique Transition Animations (animation of opening/closing app drawer) get blown with crystal,bubble and glow wave transition animations every time you open your app drawer.

•Dock Style. customise your dock with different styles and get the look of a PC. you can also change the background colour of dock or you can just put a picture you like as dock background.

•Unread Counts. with highly customisable unread count badges, you can keep track of your unread notifications. launcher x supports unread counts for messages, missed calls, hangouts, whatsapp, gmail, email.

•Material Design. Fully Material designed,Launcher X is the best launcher in material design era!

•Weather effects on desktop. Apply great weather effects on your home screen which mingles with wallpaper and app icons.
NOTE: weather effects will not change according to real-time weather.

•Custom Grid size in Desktop and App drawer. Desktop also supports sub-grid system.
•Customisable rows and columns in desktop and drawer
•Scrollable Dock (with infinite scroll)
•Widgets in dock.
•Icon themes.
•Keep all your favorite apps on the dock, with up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.
•Import layout. Nova launcher and Action launcher 3 users can import their existing layout to launcher X instantly!
•Folder customisability including its transition animation while opening
•Backup/Restore your layouts at anytime in advanced settings

Note: Some features require the Prime in-app upgrade.

Note 2 : Those who Purchased previous Launcher 10 Prime - please send us both of your Launcher X prime and Launcher 10 Prime order ids. Once you send us order ids of both primes, Refund will be initiated within 48-72 hours for previous Launcher 10 Prime purchase,so that you won't be double charged

Hope you enjoy Launcher X. looking forward to your feedback! :)
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