Relive the fanciest festival of the year just with a touch of your smart phone.

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Aug 10, 2016
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Kite Flying Live Wallpaper APP

Relive the fanciest year-long festival of kite-flying around the world, just with a touch of your phone. The 'kite flying - live wallpaper' offers you the enjoyment of flying kites of all the fancy colors you can ever imagine!. The wallpaper provides you the interface to select your kite types, watch it fly, and even cut it with the swipe of your finger. Bright colors will dazzle you out from the very bottom of your heart and you can't just resist the temptation of playing with the wallpaper for hours.

The change in wallpaper in the app as per the change of sun from morning to night will give you fantastic experience. You can experience real movements of kites in the screen and play with their strings. It is one of the best wallpapers in the category providing the enrichment and liveliness that is irresistible. The HD kite images of wallpaper is designed to provide you the best experience and richness out of your smart-phone.

You can enjoy it as a game in the setting screen where the screen will not swipe. Children may fever this app as free kite flying game for racing strings or “patang” games for fighting kites. You can play game of cutting string and enjoy different kites and balloons on screen. The kites in live wallpaper will keep changing to entertain you.

Round the globe, we can find hardcore kite flying fans celebrating kite-flying festival year-wide. Starting from mid -January, Uttrayan in India or in the end o f January in Christchurch in NewZealand or say in March South-Korea and Australia followed by April which is the national kite flying month in United States or say you are enjoying VÅ©ng TÃ u Kite Festival in Vietnam or you can be chilling out in May in MorroBay in California or in June in Canada or in starting of July in Singapore or you may find yourself in Portsmouth in England in the month of August or in Ohio or Bondi Beach in Australia in September or you are making yourself cozy in Brisbane in October or say you may be respecting and honoring your ancestors in Sumpango-Day of the Dad in the month of November or you are India preparing for flying kites in Basant Ban in the month of December wherever you are, you need not to wait for celebration, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere using your smart-phone with the coolest kite-flying wallpaper ever.

Enjoy the fest with multiple options to select kites as: Fancy which are like 3D, simple and even mixed.

Like the all-time kite-loving Gujarati would have said:
Na dori, Na Patang,
Na Manjo, ke Na Pavan ni rah,
Na ril joiye, ke na firki vitvani ni jhapha
Mane to joeye bas Kite flying app ni maza.

Which means, No kites, no threads no need to wait for wind. I don’t want to mess up in the cumbersome task of folding my thread I just want to enjoy my ‘KITE FLYING APP’

Clean Monday or Pure Monday occurs at the beginning of the 7th week before Orthodox Easter Sunday. Ash Monday is holiday in Greece and Cyprus, where it is celebrated with outdoor excursions, including widespread custom of flying kites.

Enrich and enlighten your imaginations just by downloading this small application.

Check out the snapshots for details. Download and enjoy the fun.
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