The crucian carp fishing game! Legendary fishing rod!

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Feb 13, 2024
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KFishing2 GAME

The world of crucian carp fishing has just begun!

Experience the charm of crucian carp fishing that can organize up to 12 units in large groups!

Experience the taste and taste of real crucian carp fishing with a sense of realism!

A production system that makes the fishing equipment I want myself!

K-fishing2's new fishing equipment evolution system!

Experience the feeling and sensibility as if you were directly in the field by making a live-action film from a famous scene!

Colorful graphics of day and night that change in real time!

Catch the largest fish with your own fishing gear through daily fishing competitions!

A complete fish book of 100 kinds of freshwater fish!

Have fun every day through new daily missions and endless world missions!

Raise the fish you catch in the pond to get legendary fishing gear!

Challenge the legendary crucian fish!
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