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Mar 01, 2024
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Mobile banking, shopping, investments, insurance and mobile communications - all in one Jusan Super App.

💳 All the features of mobile banking:
● Register online;
● Open cards: debit, social or payroll;
● Transfer money between banks by phone number;
● Get a loan up to 6 million tenge up to 60 months;
● Pay for purchases using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay;
● Open a multi-currency account and convert money in any currency;
● Manage the card directly in the application: change the limit, PIN code and block the card;
● Open a deposit with an annual rate of up to 15.5%;
● Withdraw money from the deposit in installments at any time;
● Control all accounts, cards and deposits;
● Pay for everything from mobile communications to utilities.

🛒 Bonuses for purchases in installments in the Jusan Store, and also:
● Purchases on credit and installments up to 24 months;
● Free delivery of groceries from supermarkets;
● Payment by card of any bank;
● More than 1,000,000 goods, services and food products.

💵 Invest with Jusan:
● Free opening of a brokerage account and its replenishment;
● Purchase and sale of shares;
● Analytics and investment ideas.

💱Jusan multi-currency card:
● Instant and free online release;
● Increased bonuses up to 15%;
● 10 favorite bonus categories to choose from.

Jusan insurance:
● Auto insurance online in 3 clicks without visiting the office and manager's calls;
● Travel insurance;
● OGPO VTS with a 10% discount and 25% Jusan bonuses as a gift;
● Accident insurance.

📞Jusan Mobile:
● Make purchases for 50 thousand per month and get a free connection;
● Calls and mobile internet are free for the first month;
● Free receipt of a sim card in any branch;
● Need more calls, texts or internet? Customize resources for yourself right in the application.

We value every client.
We will answer any questions by calling 7711 (free of charge on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
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