Slither through a jiggly world in Jelly Snake - an addictive arcade game

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Mar 10, 2023

Jelly Snake GAME

Get ready to slither and slide your way through a colorful world of jiggly, wiggly fun in Jelly Snake!
This addictive arcade game is packed with thrilling challenges and exciting levels that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

From cute & simple levels to very difficult levels where developers have retried hundreds of times. 馃槺馃悕
Try out various bizarre stages with brilliant ideas!

Only 1% super hand can go above level 100!

馃弳 Features
- Simple but not easy one-touch jelly snake action
- Hundreds of levels with the obstacles that rotate, move and change.
- Simple at first, but more and more hard and amazing levels
- Over 40 kinds of jelly snake characters
- Tons of decorations can makee your own cute Jelly Snake
- Fun to find various easter eggs hidden in the map

馃悕 Description
- You have to collect all the candies with Jelly Snakes that rotate left and right each time you touch them.
- Be careful not to hit obstacles, monsters, or even my tail!
- You can reach higher levels only with your skills.
- Collect all candies from the map to exchange for cute snake decorations.
- Earn new jelly snakes with coins which you gain every time you clear a stage!
- Make the jelly snake the longest in the world in challenge mode unlocks at level 10.
- Win medals in challenge mode and get special exclusive Jelly Snakes!
- Almost done, but failed?! Don't be disappointed, you can try again with only leftover candy! (Only once!)
- What if you got stuck in a very difficult stage? There is a chance to skip that level!

Beyond the exhilarating one-touch action, puzzles, quizzes, and mystery genres!
Can your Jelly snake be the longest and sweetest jelly in the world?
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