Train and test your logic and memory. Try solving quiz, riddles & mind teasers.

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Mar 15, 2023
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Test your brain with IQ Boost! Play logic games, puzzles and brain games and do brain training. All the tasks in our IQ test & brain-training game are original and fun! We said "NO" to boring adult memory games. Elevate your IQ and stimulate your mind with tricky puzzle games and intelligence games! Test your IQ with exciting brain teasers and logic puzzles!

“IQ Boost” free game offers only the best tasks, brain teasers and logic games to train your memory, attention, logic and mindset.
Only 10% of all people have an IQ over 120. Are you one of them? Play “IQ Boost” adult memory games - challenge your brain. Try your hand at solving non-trivial tasks. You will train logical and abstract thinking by solving puzzles and brain games. Concentration and memory will also be better. Have a great time with our IQ test and train your brain with smart games.

Memory games for adults. Find out your IQ level. Lower than you thought? Play the IQ test "IQ Boost" and you will see that your IQ increases.

Puzzle Games Features:
💡 Easy to play logic games
💡 Non-standard colorful gameplay
💡 Fun answers and solutions
💡 Non-trivial challenges for all ages
💡 Lots of levels
💡Logic puzzle game and brain teaser games.

Remember: the obvious solutions may not always be the right ones...think outside the box and train your brain! Play and prove you're the smartest!

IQ Boost - fun brain games with riddles and brain teasers. Fun and challenging IQ test. Train your logic by playing our logic games and brain games, memory games for adults.Test your IQ with exciting brain teasers and brain training logic puzzles!
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