IP-Conference – convenient communication up to 30 persons simultaneously!

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Jun 19, 2016
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Free application IP-Conference allows organizing conference from your mobile telephone via mobile internet without additional equipment.

You should indicate telephone numbers of all conference participants (up to 30 persons) in application and communicate without any limitations (from $0,01/min.).

Operative conference will relieve managers of small and medium business, company’s owners and companies which have remote offices and partners in other cities and countries.

Use application IP-Conference:
- for discussions when you do not have opportunity to meet with all your friends and colleagues;
- for quick reaction (meeting and conferences);
- for urgent solution of some questions (address to experts, interpreters);
- for remote consultations and education.

Benefits of IP-Conference:
1. Opportunity to organize talk up to 30 participants simultaneously.
2. There is no need to have additional equipment.
3. Cheap tariffs.
4. Convenient interface.

Conference is paid by initiator of conference. Payment per minute is considered to be as payment for usual call in Comtube (from $0,01/min). Participation in conference is free for other participants even they are in roaming.

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Attention! All applications have one balance which you received after registration.

You may receive consultations, ask questions and say your wishes to our technical support: support@comtube.com
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