Inventeca: silent books to create and tell stories with kids!

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Feb 12, 2024
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Inventeca: kids' storytelling APP

Discover an enchanted world of illustrated stories that will awaken the storyteller in your child and you!

With Inventeca, it’s simple: you choose a picture book and unleash your imagination, telling your own stories. Record your children's voices and synchronize them with the books in the app, then share those special moments with family and friends.

The app offers beautiful non-verbal narratives (silent books), illustrated by award-winning authors of children's literature. It's the perfect tool for parents to share magical moments while telling stories before bedtime, and at any time of the day, creating memories filled with affection and joy!

Encourage your children to create their own narratives, inventing plots together or recording stories that can be listened even while you’re away. Inventeca strengthens family bonds, and helps you overcome the barriers of modern life by fostering an interest in reading and storytelling.

Inventeca is perfect for preschool children to improve their creative and speaking skills, developing their interest in books and paving their taste for literature. As they play with language through storytelling and picture books, they build fundamental skills for expression, creativity, and interpretation of the world around them, while promoting socio-emotional development.

** More than 60 stories available for subscribers! A new story every month!**
** Original narratives, children's classics, popular tales, and folklore from diverse cultures around the world.**
** Free trial with 2 complete stories.**
** Sign up and get a bonus story.**
** Created by parents who are experts in childhood reading.**
** Easy for adults. Fun for children.**
** Save and share cute and fun moments of your child's development!**
** Create a storytelling routine at home.**
* *Safe and ad-free environment for children.**
** Give children positive screen time with a creative activity that’s sure to bring fun emotional memories!**
** This app is a winner of national and international awards for reading, creativity, and childhood. :) **

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