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Feb 10, 2024

Internet Speed Test Meter APP

Highly accurate internet speed test app to measure the internet performance when you feel that network is slow, completely free. With just one click, you can test your upload and download speed quickly and many more.

Main Highlight Features of Internet Speed Test App:
• Test Download & Upload Speed
• Check Signal Strength
• Block Data or Wi-Fi On Unwanted Apps
• Speed Monitor in Notification
• Data Usage Show in Notification
• Weather Forecast
• Apps Data Usage
• Support Multiple App Languages
• Network Coverage on Map
• Day and Night Mode
• Export Speed Test History in CSV File
• Share Speed Test Result as an image
Want to Know Which Wi-Fi has the Best Network Signal to Connect with The Wi-Fi Analyzer Feature?

Internet speed checker and Wi-Fi analyzer app show network coverage details on maps and you can block your desired apps from accessing the internet. Free internet speed test tool allows you to test upload speed, download speed, and ping speed easily with beautiful themes.

Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength and Network Stability

Professional Speed Test Master App allows you to take information about signal strength and easily update or share your results. Net performance test app gives you advanced network data traffic to check downloads with ping rate.

VPN services (Block Apps Internet)

Using vpn service for the blockage of internet for different apps you want to restrict in your device. Apps blocker self-control app which helps you to focus on work or focus studies. Blocker app is used to reduce distractions and save your productive time. You can block WA, block FB, Block Insta, or any social media apps for some time. When you block any app’s internet then you can use the internet on your mobile except for those apps that you block.

Fast Wi-Fi Speed Checker and Map Coverage

Internet speed test meter & Wi-Fi speed test app allows you to view available network detail on a map. Test internet network booster will explore your mobile coverage maps and test speed.

Weather Forecast

Speed test app provide the current and future weather conditions in their location. This feature may use GPS or location services to determine the user's location and provide a local weather forecast.

The weather forecast feature in an internet speed test app can provide users with information on current temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, and precipitation. Users can also view a radar map, which shows the location and movement of rain, snow, and other weather conditions.

History of Internet Speed Test Performance

Speed check app will give you detailed information about the speed test 4g speed network & 5g speed network. You can export and share all history details in CSV file with anyone.

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