Send picture, video, text, & voice messages to exact moments in the future!

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Sep 13, 2019
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It's finally here! For the first time ever, the world's #1 digital time-capsule is available on Android. This means you, yes, YOU, can create messages and select an exact future moments - from one minute up to 25 years into the future - and your messages will begin flying through time!

Make no mistake about it, Incubate: The Digital Time-Capsule is the premier way for you to send video, picture, text and voice messages to friends and family to an exact moment in the future!

So how's it work? It's this simple...
1 - Create your message
2 - Choose a friend or friends as recipients
3 - Select your future date
Congratulations! Now you're a time-traveler.

There are 67 billion uses, give or take. Here are some starters to get you rolling:
- Incubate a wedding and turn the celebration into 25 years of memories
- Serviceman can send timed messages set to hatch while deployed. Now they can wish their kid a happy birthday or spouse a happy anniversary even if they don’t have access to a communicative device.
- Send a video from some crazy night out in college to five years in the future.
- Send a picture of your baby's first steps to their 18th birthday.
- Never forget to send a birthday, anniversary or holiday message.
- Imagine getting a special message from your favorite grandparent far after they're gone.

Enough of this already, start sending your own messages through time!
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