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Sep 20, 2023
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i.M(아이.엠) - 프리미엄 카니발 택시 호출 서비스 APP

● Safe and sanitary 24/7
- All i.M taxis are equipped with 24/7 running air purifier and protective shielding within the vehicle
- i.M disinfects the vehicle daily before each ride
- With automatic sliding doors, you can enjoy a truly hands free experience

●Enjoy the comfort provided by the brand new Carnival model
- Limousine seats for maximum comfort
- In-vehicle tablet PC for your entertainment

●Precision & accuracy guaranteed with AI algorithm
- Nearest i.M is assigned with no worries of being rejected
- Using GPS, i.M utilises the shortest and the fastest route

More than just another mobility service, i.M aims to bridge the gap between your lifestyles
i.M aims to achieve being the ideal mobility service by being more precise and trustworthy

[Areas of operation]
i.M can be used through the app, call center, as well as by hailing it on the street countrywide.

※As i.M is Seoul-based Taxi service, should one get a taxi outside of Seoul, one can only set the destination as Seoul, Gwangmyeong, Wirye or Incheon International Airport.

[Service Access Rights Guide]
The user can grant the following rights for the smooth use of i.M.
Each access rights are divided into either mandatory access rights and optional access rights
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