Super easy RPG that you can get infinite diamonds

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Mar 08, 2023

Idle RPG Monsters Collection GAME

Completely free gacha x auto battle

"Easy idle RPG" where you just collect monsters and battle
Get characters with free gacha and challenge the dungeon!

[Game introduction]
・ Super easy operation, full auto battle
・Rewards accumulate even when the app is not running!
・Various factors such as status, skills, and attributes determine victory or defeat!
・Your character will automatically become stronger just by turning the free gacha!
・No additional downloads! Easy RPG that can be played with low capacity!

[Recommended for people like this]
・I don't want to charge for smartphone games
・I want to play quickly and without stress
・I like to play steadily in my spare time
・ I want a sense of accomplishment easily
・ I want to pull gacha for free
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