Build and manage your bus fleet in this idle tycoon empire simulator game!

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Feb 15, 2024

Idle Bus Traffic Empire Tycoon GAME

Welcome to the idle bus traffic empire tycoon simulator game to build and manage your big human transportation business. Start development with an empty building and develop it by investing in various rooms and buying buses. Supermarket, restaurant, waiting room, toilet - these are just some of the departments of your future business. Will you be the richest millionaire tycoon in this idle simulator game? Develop your station, buy counters with goods, upgrade the level of staff, hire managers, automate and get more money from visitor service.

★ Idle Bus Traffic Empire Tycoon ★
★ Install service places and metal detectors so that visitors do not stand in queues!
★ Get buses and customize their trip schedules!
★ Increase the flow of passengers by unlocking all routes in this idle tycoon empire simulator game!
★ Build small rooms: Supermarket, VIP Lounge, Cafe and more!
★ Manage the premises and improve their appearance, get more profit for customer service!
★ Don't forget to equip the interior and get more visitors
★ Watch out and don't forget to collect trash and restock at vending machines!
★ In this idle tycoon simulation game, you can automate the work of your business by hiring managers!
★ The your visitor traffic station will continue to operate even when you are offline!
★ In this idle tycoon empire simulation game most of the functions are available without an internet connection.
★ In-App purchases available.
★ You can get various bonuses by watching short videos, for example: temporary increase in profits, instant customer service time, bus with visitors, etc.
★ Build your traffic empire, increase your money in this offline adventure simulator!
★ The content in this adventure idle tycoon simulator game will last for hours!

Manage your traffic empire by sending buses with passengers and earning profit from it. This is not a clicker in which you have to constantly tap tap on the screen. Become richer by earning money and invest it in your business. Buy and upgrade bus station halls, equip the interior by arranging flowers, benches and vending machines. Unlock all buses and routes so that the flow of visitors does not stop! Automate the work of your business by hiring managers and raising the level of staff. Let the visitors be satisfied by visiting your idle Bus traffic Empire Tycoon game!
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