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Jan 21, 2024

Hunt Zone: Battle Royale Games GAME

Modern Arena - Battle Royale gives a hurricane of emotions, skill-dependent shooting gun game with hero battle royale gameplay that is suitable for both beginners and Pro veterans, a variety of Team Death Match 5v5 aka TDM modes and unique hero characters give a lot of scope for choosing personal gameplay.
Fight against players all over the world and become the best fighter in battle royale shooting game and team squad modes TDM, DM, CP!

- More than 45 types of modern weapons for every taste. Machine guns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, as well as a minigun. Choose one that suits your playstyle
- Call 8 characters with unique power abilities, drone, fire turret, protective field, etc. It's your duty to collect them all!
- 10 players - 5v5 tactic competitive team squad mode
- Move up the leagues and standings with real players around the world
- A unique system of improvements and upgrades, you can improve your character, weapons, armor and even a parachute
- Beautiful optimized graphics
- Real battle royale! 35 players, 10 minutes
- A huge number of colorful skins for weapons
- Easy to understand control, auto-shooting switches right during the battle
- Variety of game modes such as team deathmatch 5v5 PvP, deathmatch, capture points, battle royale
- Ranked League and Leaderboard
- Constant updates

Assault or Defense in an tactical epic battle in hunting arena shooting games, dodge enemy attacks, survive on a huge island, use special skills, match your team, hide among the zombies in the modern world, move a battlefield until the zone starts to shrink every second. With 35 players and just 10 minutes to be the last one standing, you'll have to use all your weapons and tactics to win. Be careful of enemy snipers and zombies who will be able to hunt you down wherever you hide. Use skills like - sprint, hight jump, stationary shield, assault drone, defense turret, healing, airdrop, shock wave, iron skin. Customize your outfit set with different weapons and vehicles. The game is suitable for fans of the battle royale, and for fans of shooters and shooting games like cs.


We are constantly improving our game.
You can send your questions, comments and feedback to [email protected].

The game requires a constant internet connection.
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