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Sep 16, 2023

Hotlap Racing (Beta) GAME

Are you a Gearhead? A legitimate lover of cars, engines, racing and speed; then Hotlap Racing is made for you!

Test your driving skills and enjoy the unique and realistic experience of a mobile racing simulator. Speed ​​up without limits, drive real cars on the track and try to make the best time you can on challenging tracks and detailed circuits.

Tune and customize your favorite car with paint, wheels, suspension settings and improve performance with mechanical parts like: exhaust, air filter, turbine, nitro, chip and much more.

Hotlap Racing has several fully detailed car models, from popular to sports, focusing on the most used in Trackdays and Hotlaps in Brazil. It also features a detailed internal camera, to give you the feel of a real pilot, providing the best possible experience of a 3D mobile game.

With realistic physics, Hotlap Racing accurately replicates the friction of the tires on the ground, the impact of aerodynamics and downforce on the car, the parameters of the engine, the suspension system and the electronic system that determines the balance of the vehicle. It combines realism and a fun driving feel, where each vehicle has its own unique physics and handling.

Download Hotlap Racing now, get behind the wheel and experience the car culture and racing spirit.

Please note: This game is in Early Access and may contain instability. Updates will be sent periodically, with news and possible corrections.
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