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Mar 01, 2018
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Holy Quran English APP

Holy Quran English is an Android app that lets you replay and listen to the Quran on your smartphone.

In Holy Quran English you'll find the Quran in its entirety, narrated in Arabic so you can listen to it on your smartphone. The audio files are organized just like in the holy book, divided into chapters and then verses. As a result it's very easy to use, since the structure is very similar to the book.

To play the audio you just need to open the chapter you want to listen to, search for the verse you want or need to hear and start listening. You can fast forward the audio, rewind, pause, or stop it at any time using its simple and intuitive controls.

Holy Quran English is an incredibly useful tool that you can use to listen to the entire Quran or just the parts you want using just your smartphone.
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