With HOLA SMS you can send /receive SMS worldwide using 3 SENDING METHODS

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Jun 20, 2016
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THE ONLY SMS app that has it ALL!

Send & receive SMS using 3 SENDING METHODS:
•HOLA SMS: send SMS all over the world at the BEST PRICE in the market.
AMAZING feature! SMS are delivered EVEN when recipients are OFFLINE!
•FREE TEXT: Invite your contacts to download HOLA SMS and text them for FREE. Want more? Get informed you when HOLA Users are online to receive your FREE texts.
•MOBILE CARD: send SMS using your SIM

And for the most demanding users, with HOLA SMS you can send SMS from your mobile carrier (SIM CARD) or HOLA SMS service using your PC!

Visit www.holasms.com and discover more amazing features!

Use HOLA SMS to text worldwide without worrying about SMS costs, no matter where you are!
Invite your friends to join HOLA SMS to text each other for FREE. Experience HOLA SMS and send SMS to everyone worldwide.

- Install the HOLA SMS app on your Android phone
- Go to www.holasms.com and send SMS to your device contacts
- Invite your friends to text each other for FREE
- Try the HOLA SMS service by using the FREE registration SMS & send SMS to anyone worldwide

After installing the application:
* you will be able to send SMS to your device's contacts from holasms.com, just like sending from your mobile phone
* send, receive or delete your SMS from any device

-HOLA SMS: The lowest cost SMS for texting all over the world
-HOLA FREE: FREE unlimited texting with your HOLA SMS registered contacts
-SMS Scheduling: Schedule your SMS to be sent at a future date and time
-Cloud syncing: All of your SMS are kept in sync, from any device
-Website Contacts: Create website contacts that will stay on the website

What makes our app great is that it offers a stylish and advanced SMS client with much more features than your default SMS client.

Do you have any suggestions, questions or comments? Just email us at [email protected] or chat with us on Twitter @holasms, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/holasms and Google+ http://gplus.to/holasms

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