Earn up to 10% interest on your savings and up to 30% discounts at all stores

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Apr 25, 2023

Herconomy APP

Herconomy savings is a digital solution that offers women access to financial services which include savings and discounts. With our Herconomy savings, women can save and earn high interest while enjoying access to discounts from partners within our affinity network.

Why should you save with Herconomy?
- Zero Maintenance Costs
- Achieve your savings goal
- Earn attractive interest on your savings
- Save with your community
- Automate your savings, Sit back, relax and let us do the work.

Our Herconomy savings app was built to let you achieve financial freedom using the following features:

Vault: using this feature you can:
- Earn money 10% interest per annum
- Automate your savings
- Save with family and friends using the accountability partner feature

Float: With this feature, you can:
- Have Access to free unlimited withdrawals
- Earn 8% interest per annum
- Receive your salary, use it as a transactional account

- Enjoy up to 30% discounts every time you shop with Herconomy’s partnered retailers across Africa
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