A hair clipper / razor / hairdressing scissors (Prank)

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May 28, 2020

Hair cutting machine-Scissors hairdresser (Prank) APP

With this hair clipper, you can joke around with your friends. Pretend to shave their heads with hairdressing scissors. You can also dry your hair with the hairdryer it contains.

In Hair cutting machine-Hairdressing scissors you can find:
-Choose between a razor (cut hair), between hairdressing scissors or a professional dryer
-Real hairdressing sounds
-The razor (hair clipper) will vibrate as if it were real
-Dry your hair with a professional hairdryer
-Different speeds for hair clipper / razor
-Share the application with your friends
-Vote 5 if you liked

With hair clipper-hairdressing scissors you can spend many hours of fun with your friends! What are you waiting for?
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