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Mar 14, 2020

GYM Music, Fitness and Workout APP

👉 The best music streaming for exercise, gym music, fitness, workout, fit, bodybuilding, gym, running, body pum, body combat, aqua gym, aquadinamic, adaptiv, spinning, indoor cycle, gap, crossfit, etc.

👉 All the news with access to the most prestigious sports and sports magazines:
- Women´s Health
- Men´s Health
- SportLife
- Fitness
- Yoga Journal
- Trainer Spain
- Mind fit club
- Shape
- Experience Life

👉 Includes some sports games.

👉 Categories:

+ Workout
+ Fitness
+ Cardio

+ Electronic
- EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
- Techno
- Trance
- House
- Funk
- Trap
- Hip hop
- Hardcore
- Dubstep
- Minimal
- EBM (Electronic Body Music)
- Breakbeat
- Electro Latino
- Ambient
- Dowmtempo
- IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)

+ Relax:
- New Age
- Meditation
- Chillout
- Spa
- Relaxing
- Ethnic
- Environmental
- Tibetan
- Nature
- Babies
- Study
- Relax guitar
- Piano Relax
- Jazz Relax
- Relaxing Classical Music
- Instrumental music
- Gospel
- Gregorian chants

+ Latin
+ Pop
+ Hip Hop
+ Metal
+ Rock
+ Blues
+ Jazz
+ Soul
+ Country
+ Funk
+ Classical
+ Reggae
+ Ska
+ Rap

⭐ Streaming constantly updated.


⛔ You need an Internet connection (WiFi or phone data 2G, 3G, 4G ...)

⛔ The fundamental essence of this application is not to waste time searching for song and author, we choose a category and listen to music. Therefore, it does NOT allow to choose author or song or there are playlists, there are many other applications that do, if you do not agree with this functionality, do not install it.

⛔ The broadcasts of the different streaming are the exclusive property of them. This application only uses them in order to be enjoyed by the listeners who use it.

⛔ The logos and contents of each newspaper or magazine are the exclusive property of them. This application only uses them in order to be recognized by the readers who use it and can access the web of each of the newspapers or magazines.

⛔ The logo of the application is the exclusive property of the developers.

⛔ We are not responsible for any misuse you may make of the application, nor are we affiliated with any of these streaming.

👉 We do not have access to your data, nor is information stored therein.

👉 If you want to include any other streaming, contact us and we will try to include it as soon as possible.

👉 Any proposal or communication of application malfunction is appreciated.

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