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Feb 27, 2023

GG Game Turbo APP

Get better gaming experience with GG Game turbo.

Optimize Your Gaming Performance and Improve you gaming experience with built in features in GG Game Turbo such as
One tap for default or aggressive mode memory optinmization for your device.
View current device status including free ram, networking, temperature and GPU.
LTE Switcher for locking your network while in mobile data mode.
Focus your network for your gaming by activating Firewall for blocking your network traffic in background.
Record your gameplay with built in Screen Recorder

Install GG Game turbo now and achive GG Gameplay.

QUERY_ALL_PACKKAGES are the main permissions needed to run the application, without these permissions gg game turbo can't work

Use of QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission Required by gg game turbo to run the following functions :

#Users need to add the installed games that will optimize the performance, into the gamespace in the gg game turbo.

#Users can block internet connection from applications running in the background while playing games using gg game turbo, aiming to reduce lag of interrupted internet connections
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