A simple tutorial app will teach you how to make free calls using apps.

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Sep 02, 2016

Free Call - Tutorial APP

Communications becomes really easy after we got the internet and voip phones. There are so many free apps in the universe providing free calls and texts around the world for no cost. But most of the new users doesn't even know about these free apps and spending a lot of money for making calls around the world.So we made this app to list the free calling apps to help people to make free internet calls with their loved ones.

Dont get us wrong this app doesn't allow you to make calls , but this app will teach you how to make calls from your cellphone using internet or Wifi.People in aborad can able to call their backhome India , srilanka , pakistan , united states or any country in the world. Dont spend too much money in calling cards or paid voip services. Download this app and learn how to call free.This app is purely a tutorial app , we made this app only to help people who doesn't know about wifi calling .Please read everything before you download . We have listed some of the most famous free calling apps .Try yourself and let us know if there is any problem.
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