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Sep 30, 2023

Fortum Charge & Drive Sweden APP

Fortum Charge & Drive: Simplifying EV Charging
Enjoy seamless and dependable charging with Fortum Charge & Drive, your one-stop solution for electric vehicle (EV) charging. With our app, you can effortlessly locate, access, start, and pay for charging.

Charging Everywhere You Go – Gain access to thousands of charging stations in Norway, Sweden and Finland, and when travelling across Europe. Find available charging points near you or along your planned route. Use filters to display only high-speed charging stations with a minimum of 50 kW capacity.

Uncomplicated Charging - Get real-time information about the charging speed and types of connectors at each station. With live updates on station availability, starting a charging session is as easy as a tap on the app. For those who prefer using an RFID tag, you can purchase one directly from our app, or add your existing Elbilforeningen black RFID tag to your account. Remember it is not possible to add the blue RFID tag that is being used for Ladeklubben by Elbilforeningen. Charging has never been this straightforward.

Reliable Payment - Add a payment method to your account for hassle-free charging payments. Keep track of your charging costs in one place with the ability to view and download receipts of your charging sessions directly from the app. You can choose to add a credit card, take use of Apple Pay or Google Pay for even easier and faster onboarding.

Join the Fortum Charge & Drive network and experience stress-free EV charging at major operators, including Recharge infra, Kople, IONITY, Mer Sweden, E.On., Fastned, Ewe Go, Allego, EnBW, Greenflux, Aral Pulse, Monta, Enel X, Shell Recharge, Virta and nearly 1,000 others.

Next Steps
1. Download the app for free.
2. Create an account in just a few minutes.
3. Add a payment method or RFID tag to be prepared for your first charging session. You can purchase a tag directly from the app or add your existing Elbilforeningen black RFID tag.
4. Locate charging stations on the map and comfortably start a charging session.

Whether you call it EV charging, car charge, e charge, or e-auto refueling - thank you for choosing Fortum Charge & Drive. We wish you a safe and worry-free journey!
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